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We are a center for rigorous research, deeply rooted in the principles of community youth development.

Working in research practice partnerships, the Gardner Center promotes data use for continuous learning and improvement. Our partners include K-12 and community schools, community colleges, community-based organizations, and health care providers, among others. Our work is shared extensively, informing leaders who make policy decisions, and supporting practitioners with tools to use in developing habits of inquiry.

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Deep and Embedded Relationships Between Researchers and Practitioners

The Gardner Center is a leading example of Stanford’s public impact according to Faculty Director Tom Dee, who explains how the center complements the research and training missions of the university.

Continuous Learning and Improvement: A Partner's Perspective

Pati Ortiz, Director for the Redwood City School District's Community Schools describes how the Gardner Center partners with the district to improve practice by collaborating, coordinating, and being data driven.