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What We Do

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The Gardner Center’s goal: to improve and strengthen the well-being of youth. We engage in research-practice partnerships to produce research that informs policy and practice and emphasizes the importance of equity and capacity building in youth-serving organizations.

Research-practice partnerships develop our understanding of the challenges our partners face and the context in which they work. In turn, partners develop their ability to use data and evidence to improve their practice.

We focus our efforts on the youth sector policy areas of college, career, and civic readiness; families, communities, and schools; early childhood (0-8); out-of-school time; and health and wellness.

Building The Capacity to Learn from Data

Amy Gerstein discusses supporting our partners in schools, districts, and communities to ask researchable questions and interpret findings. She emphasizes the importance of using data, not just for compliance, but for strategy and learning.

Informing Policy and Practice

Why can’t practitioners quickly adopt research-based practices or interventions at their sites? Jorge Ruiz de Velasco says it’s not just a matter of adopting these practices and interventions wholesale; practitioners adapt them with context in mind.