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College Readiness Indicator Systems (CRIS) Initiative

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School communities across the country are working hard to comply with state and federal policies requiring that all students be prepared for success in college. Technological advances and new reporting requirements make data on students and schools more accessible than ever--but more and better data alone are not enough to meet the challenges posed by the troubling opportunity and achievement gaps that keep many students from reaching their goals after high school. Schools need a strong, systemic approach to fostering college readiness that includes a range of appropriate indicators, supports tied to those indicators, reliable data infrastructure, and the system-wide capacity to make good use of data to inform action. Developed by the CRIS research partners, this six-part CRIS Resource Series offers guidance to schools and districts that aim to develop and enact effective indicator and support systems. Each resource was created with a particular audience in mind. As such, readers may opt to review the whole series or select only those resources that apply to their particular role or interests.

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