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Where Data Lead, Success Follows: Rural California Districts Band Together to Focus on College Readiness

Liz Newman and Hadar Baharav
Publication Date: 
October, 2018

Located along 100 miles of California's North Coast, Humboldt is a large, rural county, best known for its redwood forests and agriculture. The county is home to 136,000 residents and 31 school districts, some so small that they serve fewer than 10 students. 

Humboldt County's postsecondary options include a two-year college and a four year university, both part of the state system. But in 2016, just 32% of high school graduates met requirements for entrance to California's four-year college system, compared with 45% statewide. The Post-Secondary Strengthening Collaborative is trying to change that.



Suggested citation: 

Newman, E. & Baharav, H. (2018). Where data leads, success follows: rural California districts band together to focus on college readiness. The Learning Professonal, 39(5), 54-59.

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College, Career, and Civic Readiness