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Data Use and Inquiry in Research-Practice Partnerships: Four Case Examples

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The four case examples presented in this brief are drawn from the Gardner Center's substantial experience conducting rigorous research in research-practice partnerships. The first case describes a partnership approach that enhances a school district's capacity to use integrated longitudinal data to tackle persistent problems of practice and monitor students' development. The second case exemplifies how an equitable research model, grounded in mutualism and sensitive to cultural nuances, can be leveraged to elevate the experience marginalized communities. The third case furthers knowledge about the implementation process and partnership dynamics within a Promise Neighborhood initiative, specifically as stakeholders negotiate accountability demands with the need for more actionable information. The final case highlights strategies that foster partnership within a national professional learning network that is working to build out-of-school time systems using data to improve programming for underserved youth.

Suggested Citation:

Biag, M., Gerstein, A., Fehrer, K.C., Sanchez, M, and Sipes, L. (2016). Data Use and Inquiry in Research-Practice Partnerships: Four Case Examples. Stanford, CA: John W. Gardner Center for Youth and Their Communities.


Data Use and Inquiry in RPPs White Paper.pdf

Manuelito Biag
Amy Gerstein
Kendra Fehrer
Monika Sanchez
Laurel Sipes
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