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Impacts of the Aim High Summer Learning Program on Student Engagement & Achievement

Jaymes Pyne, Erica Messner, & Tom Dee
Publication Date: 
September, 2020

Aim High is a summer enrichment program free for low-income middle school students. Offered at school sites across Northern California, Aim High emphasizes team-teaching, the recruitment of diverse educators, and a multi-year program design aimed at building community and long-term success. We conducted a study of the impact of Aim High participation on students in the San Francisco Unified School District.  Using administrative data from SFUSD that is linked to participation data from Aim High, we compare patterns of Aim High participants’ engagement and achievement outcomes before and after participation to the outcomes of non-participants across the same period. Specifically, we report on whether program participation influences chronic absenteeism, suspension from school, state test scores, and more. The details of our data, analytic strategies, and results are available in a corresponding technical report that is available here

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Out-of-School Time