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Integrated Supports for College & Career Readiness in a Linked Learning Approach

This project is investigating how school and district leaders in California are advancing integrated student supports for youth in their college and career pathway programs.

  • Phase I surfaced new or persistent problems of practice related to successfully integrating student supports with the academic, technical, and workplace learning goals of Linked Learning pathway approaches. It resulted in the Integrated Student Supports (ISS) Conceptual Framework published in April 2016. The framework clarifies the relevant learning goals pursued through Linked Learning strategies and the importance of program and organizational integration of student supports in schools and school districts.
  • Phase II documented the strategies schools and districts are using to advance integrated student supports along each of the problems of practice, and illustrated how practitioners are implementing elements of the ISS conceptual framework.  This resulted in a Guide to Integrated Student Supports for College and Career Pathways: Lessons from Linked Learning High Schools, published in March 2019.

The practice-based lessons emerging from this study are intended to support the field of Linked Learning practitioners and advocates.  We believe these lessons will also be useful to education systems reformers interested in providing equitable access to college and career readiness to all secondary school students.