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Improving Outcomes for Vulnerable Youth in California Alternative Schools

May 24, 2017
In the Media
Gardner Center Staff

On May 19 in Sacramento, the Gardner Center convened the first meeting of the California Advisory Task Force on Alternative Schools.  This Task Force will advise the State Board of Education and the California Department of Education on accountability measures to improve outcomes for vulnerable youth in continuation and community day schools (alternative schools) operated by county and local school districts.  Convening the advisory group is one element of a Gardner Center research project that aims to help state and district policymakers better understand and support students in alternative schools, including the foster youth, long-term English Learners, highly mobile youth, and other vulnerable youth who are disproportionately assigned to these schools.  Central objectives of the project include (1) building consensus about what state and district accountability levers would best incentivize instructional innovation and improvement of student outcomes, and (2) document emerging best practices that illustrate administrative, local accountability, and instructional innovations that show promise with vulnerable youth.