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place-based initiatives

Expanding Learning Opportunities for Youth and Their Families in the Mission Promise Neighborhood: An Interim Assessment

San Francisco’s Mission Promise Neighborhood (MPN) is a federally-funded Promise Neighborhood initiative that supports community-based organizations, schools, and other public agencies to work in defined neighborhoods and build integrated supports for children and youth from cradle to college and career.  Since 2013, the Gardner Center has partnered with MPN to support implementation and ongoing assessment of the initiative.

Data Use and Inquiry in Research-Practice Partnerships: Four Case Examples

The four case examples presented in this brief are drawn from the Gardner Center’s substantial experience conducting rigorous research in research-practice partnerships. The first case describes a partnership approach that enhances a school district’s capacity to use integrated longitudinal data to tackle persistent problems of practice and monitor students’ development. The second case exemplifies how an equitable research model, grounded in mutualism and sensitive to cultural nuances, can be leveraged to elevate the experience marginalized communities.

From Data to Action: A Community Approach to Improving Youth Outcomes

In the current era of reform, much has been made of the fact that there are many influences that shape children beyond the walls of the schoolhouse. Powerful data “warehouses” have been built to track children and interventions within school bureaucracies and in other social service sectors. Yet these data systems are rarely linked to provide a holistic view of how individual children are faring both in and out of school and which interventions—or combinations thereof—are most promising. Privacy laws and institutional traditions have made such collaborations difficult, if not impossible.

Mission Promise Neighborhood: Residence and SFUSD Student Enrollment Patterns, 2011-2012

This brief explores the residence and school enrollment patterns of students and families in the Mission Promise Neighborhood (MPN) service population; that is, families living within the established MPN boundaries or San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) students who live elsewhere in the city but are enrolled in one of the four MPN focus schools.

Developing Alternative Placement Criteria for English Courses at City College of San Francisco

Recognizing the need to improve postsecondary access and success for underrepresented populations, the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD), City College of San Francisco (CCSF), the City and County of San Francisco, and key community organizations formed the Bridge to Success initiative in 2009. Gardner Center has partnered with Bridge to Success to inform the initiative with data analysis.

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